Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ranting about Linux

Well I have been ranting on and on about Linux for a while. Right now I am posting from an old Toshiba laptop running a P3 475MHz CPU and 192MB of ram. I bought this laptop in 2000 and paying almost $2000 then. It was configured with Windows 98 which I replaced with Win2k. It worked but it was always a bit slower than I liked. I tweaked everything and it was still slow. But now I like using it despite the availability of dual core and quad core machines. I have three different Linux OS's available on a 20GB hard drive, Mepis 8, AntiX and Puppy Linux 4.20 which I am running now. If I had to gripe about something it would be that Linux takes a little more work getting the wireless up and running. Puppy Linux works great with my Linksys wireless card but the Mepis and AntiX won't connect with it but do great with a $10 Airlink card. If you are getting bored with Windows and want to challenge yourself hop over to Distrowatch and check out the latest to hit the net in Linux OS's. You might even find one or two you prefer over the standard Redmond fare.

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