Sunday, April 11, 2010

Techbits Last Post

I have decided to close Techbits blog. Last week Blogger decided my Windows blog was somehow a spam blog. They have it shut down at this time. It certainly did not meet that criteria but Blogger's only recourse is to click a link to restore. Then you are met with a message saying that someone will look into determining if the blog truly is a spam blog or not.

Well that was five days ago and nothing has changed. I was really shocked to learn this but it has taught me an important lesson. I cannot allow someone else to control the destiny of my blogs. I was not given any warning and while that may indeed be in the Terms of Service, I felt it should have been a professional courtesy. I must admit to never backing up the blog. I laid my trust in Goggle and Blogger to always be there with my data. Now it is inaccessible, lost forever.

I have decided to host my own blog thus leaving Blogger behind. The topic will be Linux and general tech news. The site is up and running but it will be a short while before regular posts start to appear. Please feel free to drop in and bookmark the site. Don't forget to sign up for the feed.

I want to thank the readers for supporting this blog and I look forward to many good things to come from the new blog, The Pensive Penguin. Good-bye for now, Jraz

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ubuntu Introduces Maverick Meerkat

Mark Shuttleworth introduced the next Ubuntu code name to follow Lucid Lynx on Friday of last week. It will be known as Maverick Meerkat. He stated that the mission to have free software on all shipping pc's is a Maverick idea and the since we are social as are the Meerkats, that more connectivity to our social world will be included in this release. He also talked about the new design track and server cloud track to be more fully revealed in Belgium this May during the Ubuntu Developer's Summit. I really enjoyed reading his analagies on the Meerkats and how he plans to introduce those qualities in Ubuntu and the community. I have to agree that bringing the social media together on the desktop will be an encouraging event. Just how they implement these changes will be on the top of everyone's must see list when the first public releases start showing up. Hold onto your hats this is going to be a fast and fun filled ride.

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