Sunday, April 11, 2010

Techbits Last Post

I have decided to close Techbits blog. Last week Blogger decided my Windows blog was somehow a spam blog. They have it shut down at this time. It certainly did not meet that criteria but Blogger's only recourse is to click a link to restore. Then you are met with a message saying that someone will look into determining if the blog truly is a spam blog or not.

Well that was five days ago and nothing has changed. I was really shocked to learn this but it has taught me an important lesson. I cannot allow someone else to control the destiny of my blogs. I was not given any warning and while that may indeed be in the Terms of Service, I felt it should have been a professional courtesy. I must admit to never backing up the blog. I laid my trust in Goggle and Blogger to always be there with my data. Now it is inaccessible, lost forever.

I have decided to host my own blog thus leaving Blogger behind. The topic will be Linux and general tech news. The site is up and running but it will be a short while before regular posts start to appear. Please feel free to drop in and bookmark the site. Don't forget to sign up for the feed.

I want to thank the readers for supporting this blog and I look forward to many good things to come from the new blog, The Pensive Penguin. Good-bye for now, Jraz

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