Thursday, August 20, 2009

Linux vs Windows 7 Revealed

We are always comparing things when a new one comes around. Now with Windows 7 on the verge of official release comparing Linux vs Windows 7 seems like the natural thing to do. I have only installed a RTM version of Windows 7 to one machine and it was not the experience Microsoft would have wanted to promote. But the folks at TuxRadar have been putting Windows 7 to the test since it was released as a beta. Read their comparison of Linux to Windows 7 and judge for yourself which is the best for you. I personally will not be running Windows 7 on my hardware which is six years old and did meet the minimum specs from Microsoft. I found it much to slow and unresponsive on my hardware. So the bottom line for me is to stick with Windows XP and a couple of different flavors of Linux. If you have done your own comparisons let's here about them in the comments.

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