Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ubuntu Gets A New Users Manual In Lucid Lynx

I know I have not been posting with any regularity lately but I have had too many projects going at the same time. I will commit to 2010 to update this blog at least once per week. Now on to this post's subject a User's Guide for Ubuntu.

I have been a supporter for newbies to enter the world of Linux and get away from the Redmond grip. Ubuntu has made this a lot easier in my opinion with every new release. It just gets easier and easier to install, configure and enjoy. Enter Benjamin Humphrey a 19 year old student in Dunedin, New Zealand as someone with the vision of helping even more newbies in the spirit of learning Ubuntu. He is the founder and creator of the Ubuntu Manual project which will be included in Ubuntu releases starting with version 10.04 Lucid Lynx. I think this is a great idea and applaud Benjamin and his group of volunteers. Ubuntu is very user freindly and I found it very easy to use. But I, like others, have had my share of minor issues. I'm a bit geeky and I am able to work through most of them on my own by studying what others have tried before me. But I am not most users. I believe most people just want it to work and when it doesn't they panic and return to Windows. (By the way Windows doesn't always just work either but at least there are more people around they can complain to in hopes of getting it to work.)

Newbies to Linux will have a much easier time switching if they don't have to dig through forums, which can be intimadating to some people. I think having answers to the common issues in one place and included with the distribution, will be a great benefit. I hope this will encourage even more people to come over to the Ubuntu or Linux lifestyle.

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