Thursday, February 4, 2010

Download PDF Of Ubuntu User

Last spring the magazine Ubuntu User went on sale in national bookstores. Thye are now offering the first issue as a pdf file for free here. If you are a fan of Ubuntu or want to learn a bit more about it before taking the plunge, I suggest you visit this site and download your copy today. Ubuntu is currently my distro of choice and I am enjoying Karmic Koala. I have found it to be a very stable release for my equipment. This has been the first release that has fully supported my aging ATI Mobililty Radeon 320M. This hasn't always been the easiest graphics to get running properly but in this version I get some of the desktop effects more common to installations with more modern chipsets. The top cover story on this issue is "Jump to Jaunty" and I'm sure there will be much more useful and fun reading inside. It is time to read my copy now.

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