Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ubuntu Case Studies

I hear all the time from freinds and others that Linux just isn't making any strides in the desktop market. Well this link to Ubuntu Case Studies will definitely open some eyes as to whom in the corporate world is installing and using Ubuntu and why. From servers to desktops the stories are here and I found them quite interesting. How does the number 220,000 clients sound? In Andalusia Spain, Isotrol and Canonical's Premium Service Engineers were contracted to do just that, implement 220,000 clients for Andalusia's school systems. The list goes on for the spreading use of Ubuntu based systems. Ubuntu isn't the only distribution with case studies to be found either. Search any Linux distribution and you are sure to get results just as I did with Ubuntu. This is the top result from a Google search using these terms: case studies Linux. The open source movement is going in the right direction but we as end users can do our part by letting the various system admins we work for or who control our desktop, that we would like a choice and that choice is FOSS. Free and Open Source Software is the choice we as end users have the right to make and to use.

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