Friday, July 3, 2009

Xmarks Available For IE

Now I admit this isn't headline news any longer. It has been available since April 3, 2009 but I just discovered it tonight. I use several different computers from the three I have here at home to all the ones I use at work. On some machines my bookmarks are lengthy and well organized. On others they are a complete mess. What a pain, ugh. Why I never searched for a solution before will always remain a mystery. At work I use IE only to see sites as most of my customers will see them. I still feel the need to keep up to speed with IE since I do provide support for end users. But at home I am almost exclusive to Firefox (also use Seamonkey which is based on Firefox). In comes Xmarks also formally known as Foxmarks providing a tool to sync all my browsers on all the machines I use everyday.

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