Saturday, October 3, 2009

Debian vs Windows XP USB Support

Here is a prime example of how Debian Lenny out shines Windows XP in one small area. (Note there are probably more) I have a wireless Logitech laser mouse. There is a small USB dongle for the receiver. The mouse has been giving double clicks when single clicks are supposed to have been sent. This is very annoying so I often remove the dongle and use the touch pad. Here is where I notice the difference, when I plug the dongle back in Windows will not recognize it unless it is in the same USB port. Debian on the other-hand will recognize it and make it available immediately. Debian is much better at seeing the hardware no matter which USB port it gets plugged into. If this had been Vista, good luck getting it to work on a different port other than where installed the first time. Chalk one up to Linux.

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