Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Distribution Upgrade Issues Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4 Solved

I logged into Ubuntu one morning and was greeted by the Update Manager wanting to update 180 files. Since I had just re-installed and this was an Alpha system I chose to proceed. But for some reason the Update Manager failed reporting a 404 error and unable to fetch the files. Well since I am still somewhat of a newbie, but learning, I wrote that error of to the servers being too busy. After all this version had just been released a few days before. A few days later I tried again but I got the same results. What's up with that? I really didn't feel like digging into it at that time either so I let it go again. Well this morning brought the same results in Update Manager and now I know there are 180 updates waiting so this can't be right. This time I turned to our trusty command shell bash and did it the easy way:
>sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
And after supplying the password and answering Y it took off and did the upgrade. You just have to love the command line for its simplicity and that it will usually work or at least give you information on the errors. For me I learned to trust the command line and I am going to learn more on this powerful tool.

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