Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Install Wireless In Linux The Easy Way

The first thing to do is research. The great thing about Linux is someone somewhere has done it before you. So that makes step one Google your Linux choice of distro plus your wireless card's chipset (open terminal and type lspci to identify the chipset) and follow the instructions You will find. This will make the road to wireless easier. Also be sure and read more than one post. Stay away from the posts that have lots of comments like try this and this. If it looks like they are guessing they probably are. You will be able to tell them apart if you read more than one. The specific forums for your chosen distro are also great resources and many have wikis devoted to the distro as well. If you have not yet installed Linux, then now is the time to research your distro and wireless card choices. I have also learned a lot from reading forum posts and from websites like HowToForge. I have been reading in the Craigslist Linux forum for more than a year and now I finally feel like I know just enough to even answer a few questions. You can find me as handle fat32flash. Check it out and any other forum that meets your needs. So there you have it. My definition of installing wireless in Linux the easy way. The only real requirement is you need to be able to read.

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