Monday, September 7, 2009

Grub Error 17

Have you found yourself booting to error 17? How about the dreaded 18 or 22? This happens when Grub cannot find the bootable Linux files either because of disk corruption (worse case scenario) or corruption of Grub's files mainly menu.lst. This is where Super Grub can be of assistance. It is a specialty distro geared for fixing Grub errors and can even be used to fix a Windows MBR too or both at the same time. This is definitely one tool you want in your toolbox before you need it. I have had to use it on three different occasions. Two for error 17 and one for error 22. Super Grub came through on both occasions and save my system without data loss and minimal effort. I found it pretty straightforward to use as it will guide you every step of the way. Download Super Grub and stick it away safely until the day comes, and it will come, when you need this great little tool. It will simply save the day. If you know of other great tools to fix the boot record let's hear about them in the comments.

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