Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beta One Lucid Lynx Released

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is fast approaching the final release. But for now the official beta one has been released and is ready for download. You can see the official announcement here or visit Distrowatch for a complete synopsis and breakdown. Read Canonical's technical release notes for the key differences between version 10.04 and earlier versions. You will also find download links on that page as well as bug reports. Well worth the visit if you plan on installing now or when the stable version is released. One of the more interesting changes I noticed was the change from Google to Yahoo as the default search in Mozilla Firefox. Does anyone know why?

The kernel gets pushed to 2.6.32 which is something I like. Running with the latest kernel is not something everyone likes to do until it is proven a bit longer. In my opinion why not, since Grub will give you the options of rolling back to earlier versions (providing you haven't uninstalled them).

Everything is not all a bed of roses and bugs are known to exists and more to be found. After all it is still a beta release. I plan on waiting to install when stable or later but it will be fun to take a live version for a spin. Let's hear what you think.
Ubuntu Unleashed 2010 Edition: Covering 9.10 and 10.4 (5th Edition)

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