Saturday, March 27, 2010

Googles Newest Advertising Methods Invade Privacy

I am all for Internet advertising. After all it is what keeps the content free and flowing on the Interent. Without advertising revenue many sites would go belly up. Over the years I have seen many sites disappear from the lack of funding. I have seen others that started as free start to charge a fee for the same services. Some of those sites are still around and others are not. If we dislike the ads so much we need to support our favorite sites in some other manner. But when it comes to privacy, I am for the advertisers being a bit more transparent. Google certainly has a Privacy page complete with policies but have any of us ever read it? I admit to not having read it but now I am  thinking I really need to do just that. This article on Gizmodo made me realize just how far Google is willing to go and how far am I willing to allow it. I have advertising on this blog because I hope to make enough to buy a cup of coffee someday. I admit I would like to earn some revenue but I also realize I need to provide content people enjoy. I don't however want my ads following the user everywhere they go. If they click on them to support this site that's fine but it should end there. After all the next site you are on needs their revenue too. Google shouldn't be getting the entire pie now should they? They do have an opt out page but remember it must be done on all machines and in each browser you use for the computer. Please remember one thing, ads do drive the Interent and keep the content free. This is the very reason I do not use the no script plugins in my browser that are so popular. Yes I take a bit more risk from the bad ads and sites but at least I am giving the site a page hit at the very least (some may produce revenue in this manner). It is a choice everyone needs to make on their own whether to opt out, not display or support the sites they like to frequent. Google has done much in helping content providers earn revenue but I think they can be more proactive in letting this information be a bit more visible.

Privacy and the Internet Your Expectations and Rights Under the Law (Oceana's Legal Almanac Series Law for the Layperson)

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