Sunday, June 21, 2009

Linux is a Lifestyle

With every passing week I grow more and more accustomed to Linux. I am on Fedora 11 as I write, (surprise) and I have been playing online Poker using Wine with PokerStars software in AntiX most of the night. Now that should surprise you, playing online poker with Windows software, running Fluxbox on top of AntiX. With this said it should be very apparent I am moving towards using Linux more often and Windows less. I am adopting the Linux Lifestyle. Free software and lots of choices for all my hardware. You can't get that with Windows or OSX. This laptop is six years old and Linux has breathed new life into it. I still run XP on this machine but run Ubuntu and Fedora more than ever. I can find just about all of my needs in the repositories for at least one of these and apps I would never have run if I had to pay big bucks for them. Linux has spawned a renewed interest in learning again. Such as downlading a new OS and getting it to work on a laptop that is running a P3 processor. It simply feels good. The same feeling those of us had when configuring dip switches on a 2400 baud modem and then being able to connect to your local BBS. (If you don't know what BBS is head to Wikipedia and search Bulletin Board Systems) In my most humble opinion I believe that the majority of Linux users are folks that don't mind going under the hood. They don't always have the answer to everything but are willing to try, willing to learn and best of all willing to share. For me in a nutshell, that is the Linux Lifestyle and I'm glad to be a part of it.

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