Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ripping With Rhythymbox

One of the most used apps on our computers is the music player. In Fedora 11 you will find Rhythymbox v0.12.1. Rhythymbox is at the top of many folks list for a music player. I found it to be a very straight forward player that can do everything I want in a music player. I did notice though that Mp3 support was lacking in the default install. Something I will need since I listen to my tunes on a Nano Ipod. Time to search the repository in the non-free section for the codecs. I was able to open Rhythymbox and rip a cd without looking up any instructions. I am ripping the Doors as I type this and I might add that I am running from the USB key and I am not seeing any negative performance in computer speed or application lagging. That is something I can't say when ripping from iTunes on my XP laptop. When I rip with iTunes in XP everything comes to a halt. The computer is not that much of a dog and I ripped cd's in the past with other programs never having as much lag as with iTunes. Apple has simply let iTunes get too bloated. I think it is time to separate the player and the store and allow the app to direct your favourite browser in that direction. Fedora and Rhythymbox are ripping my cd of the Doors rather nicely. It is now on track 8 of 14 in only about 5 minutes all from the live-USB installation. But everything is not perfect and I have to voice this one gripe. Rhythymbox did not pre-load the cd information in the property fields. That was something that surprised me since this cd has been around for quite a while. Is there a config file I need to edit? If someone knows the answer help me out. I will look to see if that type of feature can be enabled later but for this rip it wasn't that hard to enter the information. But go figure it did show the correct album art. Right now it's time to rock!

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