Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ubuntu Speedtest Comparison

I ran the speedtest from using Ubuntu 9.04. The results do not stack up as well as Fedora 11. I was hoping for a better result since the network is fairly quiet at this time of the night. But this is comparable to tests done under Ubuntu 8.10 which was slightly better. Ubuntu gets the driver correct and the wireless works well but it is definitely not as good as Fedora. Using Ubuntu 8.10 on the same hardware was definitely smoother but still not as fast as Fedora 11. In this version web browsing will be just fine and then it just quits for several seconds. I never have this issue n this hardware in Fedora or Windows XP. I am updating this version right now and will re-boot and test again.

After new Linux (2.6.28-13-generic) headers installed the new test was only slightly better. Definitely not what I had hoped for.

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